i think my biggest problem with dividing love interests in games into straight/bi/gay, aside from excluding players from certain content unless they conform to constraints placed on them by the designers, is that you can’t properly quantify or explain how the decisions about which character is what are made. 

ultimately it becomes problematic because the devs often don’t know how to answer that either, so it gets shrugged off and the old “they’re just not the type to be x” gets trotted out.

which, when you take a second to think about the incredible spectrum of LGBTQA people in the world, is so insanely reductive that it boggles the mind.

like, there is a big difference between the intentional design and writing that goes into a character, and a character who is “not the type to be x” via actual characterization, if that makes any sense. 

basically it would just be nice to see fewer harmful stereotypes informing the story arcs of gay/bi characters, that’s all i’m saying. 

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The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die.

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Seriously, the lack of music in this with only faint background noises made me feel uncomfortable. This is a cartoon and yet it has shit like this in it? Just that speech, cannot deal.

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